Who and What was the "Sno Dolly" designed for?

The Sno Dolly was designed and made for the commercial and industrial market need to quickly and efficiently transport and remove large amounts of structure collapsing snow off big flat, bowled and pitched roofs, trucks, trailers, docks and any other snow problem easily resolved by the capable use of Sno Dolly. It's quicker, easier, safer and without the brutal back breaking lifting, carrying and throwing of heavy snow typical of snow shovels and blowers.

Can "Sno Dolly" be Operated in Reverse or from the ground?

​Yes! But, beware and take precautions of the falling snow and possible injury from the hazard of snow falling on the operator. When operating from the ground or in reverse, operator mounts pole to back (belt side) and pushes Sno Dolly to load belt then pulls back to discharge off the roof, truck or trailer.

do I have to start at the bottom of a pitched roof?

​No! You will discover many different ways to tackle the snow on a variety of different situations. The snow can be removed starting at edge if dropping snow directly off the edge and in situations where there are hazards or undesired drop areas , then the snow can be removed from a different approach. Transporting and discharging snow off sides of the roof is possible, starting from the top of the roof and working left and right discharging over the side edges working your way down the roof or even diagonal to one side or the other. One instance I even loaded and transported loads of snow up the roof and down the other side to avoid having to clear or shovel a deck, walkway, parking lot or entryway.

​how far will "sno dolly" transport snow across roof?

Sno Dolly can transport snow long distances from anywhere on roof. Minimal friction created allows transport with minimal effort. Sno Dolly can travel over snow, around corners and up inclines.

​does the snow stay on the snow belt when traveling?

Most times, Yes! If traveling over very long distance and depending on surface conditions it is possible for some snow to shake loose and fall off the belt. In such condition it is recommended to work the snow from the farthest away  point by first creating narrow pathways to the middle of the area and then using those paths to transport the distant snow off while using paths to control and slow any loss of snow during transport.

​does the "sno dolly" need to be full to transport the snow to the edge of the roof?

No! The Sno Dolly will move any amount of snow loaded, even if it is not full in height or length.

will "sno dolly" discharge off roofs with a curb or wall on the edge?

If the curb or wall is low enough, then a ramp can be set up in front of curb or wall and Sno Dolly can travel up and over ramp. If the wall is to high, then the snow can be transported to edge with Sno Dolly and then shoveled or snow blown over wall.

​Note: Sno Dolly can also be emptied by tilting or tipping to the side as it rides up a small pile of snow or a slanted ramp.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

how does one price a job using "sno dolly" vs. shoveling or snow blowing?

I have researched pricing comparison to shoveling crews and the pricing using shoveling crew invoices at $65.00 per hour per shoveler. The results showed a shovel can move an average of 225 Sq. Ft. per hour of snow 2-3 Ft. deep on a 9000 Sq. Ft. building which calculates to $0.288 cents per Sq. Ft. of building area. The Sno Dolly can move and clear an average of 1000 Sq. Ft. per hour. Using the same cost of $65.00 per hour the Sno Dolly costs only $0.065 per square feet to remove. The margin for profit lies between those two numbers. ($0.065 -- $0.288/Sq. Ft.) Profit potential at the same rate of a shovel could be as much as $250 per hour for the Sno Dolly VS. $65.00 With little competition this year, users of the Sno Dolly have a great opportunity to increase profits, out price any other competitors, increase safety, reduce body fatigue that returns more out of workers and manage more customers than ever before. 

Sno Dolly is an industry changing concept and will soon replace the large shoveling crews of the past. Bye Bye Shovels!!!

how many people does it take to operate a "sno dolly"?

​(One Person) Sno Dolly weighs under 6 lbs. without the pole/handle.  It is lightweight and easy to operate and maneuver through the snow.  Not to mention there is no bending required or lifting and throwing the snow. And, no fuel or electricity is used to operate it!

​What is the best strategy for clearing really big flat or shallow pitched roofs?

​One strategy for a large roof is to carve paths with the Sno Dolly to the drop zones and work the snow from the middle down the paths and work your way out to the edges. This provides the cleanest fastest results and helps prevent unintentional discharge from Sno Dolly and load belt during transport across long distance.

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how does the "no drop edge" work?

​The front leading edge of the Sno Dolly protrudes out beyond the side cutter edges to allow the Sno Dolly to reach out in front of the snow on the edge of the roof, but still allows the Sno Dolly to stay on the roofs edge preventing the Sno Dolly from dropping down over the roofs edge. A simple side slide of the Sno Dolly from previous cleared area gets the Sno Dolly in front of the next bite of snow with ease.

​What are the different and surfaces the "sno dolly" can be used on?

Sno Dolly can be used on all roof, truck, trailer, docks and any other surface needed snow removed from. Safety hardware is provided for roof protection. Sno Dolly can also reduce and even move snow banks and snow piles. (Like the ones plowed at the end of driveways or at dangerous intersections).

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How does "Sno Dolly" work?

​When operating from on the roof, operator works Sno Dolly by setting on or in front of snow and pulling Sno Dolly towards operator allowing snow to feed into Sno Dolly and onto load belt until full, then reverses direction by pushing back and transporting to edge of the buildings roof, truck trailer or even docks and decks, to discharge snow off roof.

What is a "Sno Dolly" ?

​Sno Dolly is a manually operated state of the art tool to remove large amounts of roof snow from large commercial bowled and pitched roofs, trucks, trailers and docks.

can I avoid dropping snow in unwanted areas?

Yes! Sno Dolly can transport snow easily across long distances so  finding the area best suited for the snow to be discharged off the roof or "drop zone" will provide the option to eliminate the undesired and hazardous drop zone areas.

Is there a bigger "Sno Dolly"?

​Not Yet, but it is in the design stage with hopes for the late 2016 - 2017 winter season.

The production model "16SD015"  Sno Dolly showed best all around performance and results with weight, durability, dependability, efficiency and cost.

Sno Dolly transport and removes an amazing and mind blowing boggling average of 1000 square feet per hour and does it without ever lifting the snow!