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Sno Dolly​

Sno Dolly is manually operated, lightweight (5lb. 6oz.), yet tough and powerful device made from high grade aluminum, high density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and comes with a aluminum or fiberglass pole handle and miscellaneous parts and hardware.

Sno Dolly is built to transport and remove large amounts of heavy structured-collapsing snow from off a big, tall, flat and bowled roofs, trailers and docks. Sno Dolly will remove the snow fast, easily, safely and without the back breaking lifting, carrying and throwing suffered by shoveling the snow off one shovel full at a time.

Sno Dolly collects large amounts of snow and transports the snow from any distance to the edge of the roof for discharge. Using a long expandable pole attached to the Sno Dolly, the operator pulls the Sno Dolly's assembly into and through the snow, loading the snow onto a retractable load bearing belt following the Sno Dolly, that can now be easily transported by pushing the loaded Sno Dolly across the roof surface and unload off roof from a safe distance to the edge. No lifting, just back and forth, pull and push.

Sno Dolly reduces exhausting, back breaking effort, increases safety and saves an incredible amount of time. ​Sno Dolly does all that and more...

Benefits and Advantages:

  • Remove Roof Snow Easier, Faster, Safer and Without Ever Lifting any Snow.
  • Five Times Faster than Shoveling.
  • Easily Transport Snow to Desired Drop Zones.
  • Transport Snow Across Long Distances Over Snow, Around Corners and Up Inclines.
  • Transport and Discharge 10 Sq. Ft. of Snow at a Time and Up to 1000 Sq. Ft. or More Per Hour.
  • Remove Snow from Flat, Bowled and Pitched Roofs, Trucks, Trailers and Docks.
  • Safe on all Roofs and Tough Enough to Carve Through Even the Toughest Snow Conditions Including Ice Crusted Snow.
  • Allows Operator to Work from Safe Distance from Roof Edge (Up to 16 Feet from Roof Edge Depending on Pole Handle Adjustment)
  • Strategically Light Weight, Weighs under 6 lbs. (Without Pole)
  • Reduces Major Body Fatigue by Reducing Effort to Move Snow Long Distance and Eliminating the Lifting, Carrying and Throwing Required by Shoveling.
  • Drastically Reduce Labor and Hazard/Risk Liability.
  • Save or Make Big Money.​