Sno Dolly Description

Sno Dolly has a No Drop leading edge that protrudes beyond the side cutters to prevent the unit dropping over the edge of the building when loading at building perimeter.

Sno Dolly's "Sno Holder" utilizes a special bend in the load belts tail to prevent unintentional unloading of snow as well as aiding the load belt to easily travel back over snow and roof for unloading.

Sno Dolly has a "Sno Loc" device located at the top back edge of the unit body.

Sno Loc is made of the HDPE belt material. Sno Loc slides over snow while loading Sno Dolly, but when pushing back, Sno Loc stabs, grabs and holds the snow on Sno Dolly for transport until the Sno Loc releases the snow automatically during unloading.

Sno Dolly is safe, too! Load and unload snow at a safe distance from the roofs edge, as far back as 24 feet from edge, depending on pole handle length.

Sno Dolly also reduces strain, fatigue, abuse and back breaking damage to the body.

Sno Dolly was designed to remove a lot of snow off large, high roofs in a way more efficient, effective and less labor intensive. It does this remarkably well. I also discovered many other talents and capabilities Sno Dolly can perform as will each owner/operator will also as they discover and challenge their Sno Dolly.

Important Note:
Always mark with a sign and, or rope/tape area on ground for snow dumping designation PRIOR to clearing snow from roof to prevent any injuries to anyone on the ground below.

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