In a very short time Sno Dolly crews most likely will replace the dangerous, labor intensive, body breaking time consuming conventional methods like snow shoveling and snow blowing.

Sno Dolly
PO Box 82
East Derry NH 03041

Sno Dolly is quicker, safer, easier, more economical and does it all without ever lifting, carrying, throwing or blowing snow typical in conventional methods.

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about us

We would like to introduce to you, a new patent pending commercial and industrial roof snow removal apparatus and system named "Sno Dolly". Designed and built by Jim Daneau the Sno Dolly is manually operated and was built to simplify and manage the difficult process of transporting and removing large amounts of heavy structure collapsing snow off large flat, bowled and pitched roofs, trucks and trailers.

Jim Daneau, Founder and CEO of Sno Dolly, Inc.

After decades of hard physical labor of snow removal in New England, Jim Daneau sought to find a better solution to handle this inevitable winter task. And, subsequently after multiple designs and demos the "Sno Dolly" was born in 2015.